Pot Luck Shorts

No ryme or reason, just six solid Pot Luck Shorts we knew you'd enjoy: LIFTED, Lightweight, Sin Dolor, Carbon For Water, In Search Of Avery Willard, For Who I Am

LIFTED - A fleeting kinship forms between a lonely, isolated girl, Sara, and a boy endowed with the ability to fly after his latest fall from the sky lands him behind her home. Sara takes the injured boy, David, inside and mends to his wounds as they awkwardly begin to try to connect Written and directed by Zachary Goldberg, ‘Lifted’ was completed as a thesis film for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Lightweight - When your future is up in the air, it’s hard to stay grounded.  Elizabeth lost her job. She lost her boyfriend. She’s staying with her mother. Now she can’t keep her feet on the ground. Really.  Two weeks after losing her job, Elizabeth thought she was coming back to Pittsburgh for a family funeral and a few days with her mom. But her boyfriend dumps her almost immediately after meeting a house full of embarrassing relatives. She is left stunned, unmoored – and essentially homeless. Suddenly without a relationship or a job, she is adrift, staying with her eccentric mother and consumed with uncertainty. Elizabeth becomes so disconnected that sometimes she feels like she’s floating away. Or is she? Odd advice from an old friend helps her think about things differently, but getting her feet back on the ground proves to be another matter.   Lightweight is a sideways glance at the disorientation, oddness and implausible lightness of finding yourself, coming home. Sin Dolor - A curious doctor tends to a young Dámaso Funes' broken leg and charred hands, believing that the scars across his body indicate an intense history of abuse. However, the Doctor soon discovers that he has stumbled upon a scientific miracle: a boy who cannot feel pain; a boy who can hold a burning ember in the palm of his hands without flinching and who can play with scorpions like toddlers toss around toys. Unfortunately, rather than rendering Dámaso superhuman, his condition leaves him vulnerable to exploitation. The Doctor sees great opportunity and befriends the young patient in an attempt to use him as material for a revolutionary case study. But as time goes on, their relationship strengthens and the Doctor's feelings towards the boy begin to change, his personal agenda giving way to moral responsibility. Dámaso is no longer a specimen to study but a son to love. His inability to feel pain will not protect him from more subtle wounds and while the young boy's skin may heal, his inner scars are everlasting. Carbon For Water - Evan Abramson - Director, Carmen Elsa López - Co-Director / Writer.  Carbon For Water begins with the hardships of the people of Kenya’s Western Province, where safe drinking water is scarce and the wood fuel used to boil water for purification is expensive. These two factors conspire to make waterborne illness a daily—and life-threatening—reality among the already poor population. Women and girls are especially vulnerable; they often miss school or work when fetching wood, and some even fall victim to sexual violence in the process. Filmmakers Evan Abramson and Carmen Elsa Lopez introduce audiences to a unique solution to this age-old, and worsening, problem. An innovative company has financed the distribution and maintenance of 900,000 water filters in Western Province, funded entirely by carbon credits. These credits are awarded for actual reductions in use of wood fuel as well as the anticipated reduction in future fuel use. The filters help to slow deforestation, as household demand for wood drops. In this way—and in just five weeks—4.5 million people were given the means to purify their water, which in turn unlocks the potential to improve families’ income, education, and health. In Search Of Avery Willard - is a portrait of one of queer art's most fascinating and elusive innovators. Broadway photographer, physique artist, gay activist, experimental filmmaker, drag historian, leatherman, pornographer: New York City artist Avery Willard produced a lifetime of historically significant work that has remained widely unseen for decades. Through rare interviews with collaborators, friends and preeminent film historians, documentarian Cary Kehayan traces Willard's provocative career from the 1940s through the 1990s. Featuring never-before-seen archival films & photographs, this revealing documentary tells the story of a forgotten trailblazer of the queer art movement - a man who was as ambitious as he was self-sabotaging. For Who I Am - Rona (Tania Nolan), lost in her own mind, fighting insecurity, is thrown deeper into a world of superficiality perpetuated by the indifference of her self-absorbed boyfriend, photographer Evan Thompson (Tommy Nolan). Feeling confined in her relationship, restricted by societal pressures, her situation is further complicated by recurring visions of Evan’s deceased ex-wife. She searches for an opportunity to move on, hoping to reconcile her shortcomings in realization of who she truly is. But as the unexplainable visions persist she begins to question if she is resigned to lead this life.


07.01.12 - 1:30 pm
2 hours
The Kate