June 28- July 1 at The Kate, Old Saybrook


"Chico & Rita" Oscar Nominated Feature & After Party

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey – in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero – brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.


Friday Night - Shoreline Premiere

This is not a typical, sensational Wall Street’s gone wild film, but rather a jaw dropping street level, 360-degree view of systemic malfeasance and widespread corruption.


Celebrity Comedy Shorts - Sat 9:15pm
From LA Comedy Shorts - "Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry"

"Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry" Starring Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren. From The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival - Sat 9:15pm 


Jesus Was A Commie - Screens With Confidence Game & Mixed & Matched Shorts

Could it be argued that Jesus was a Communist? There's no question he was a revolutionary. But not with violence. His revolution involved a complete and dramatic change in the way people thought; progressive and liberal thinking.


Varla Jean & The Mushroom Heads
Sat 9:00pm - Wear Your Best Varla

After years of performing in dive bars and bathhouses around New Orleans, semi-celebrity and loose chanteuse Varla Jean Merman (Jeffery Roberson) is watching her audience get older by the minute. In a last-ditch effort to prop up her sagging career, Varla decides to go after a younger crowd - kids.


Juan In A Million
World Premiere

Juan Pablo Garcia woke up a December morning to deliver his application to Harvard. He came home to rest before a night of legendary party and a great summer ahead of him. When he woke up, the entire city was empty.


"More To Live For" See A Movie, Save A Life!
Presented By Middlesex Hospital & Cancer Center

See A Movie, Save A Life, Connecticut Premiere! Welcome Reception Doors Open 5:30pm 

“More to Live For” (Director Noah Hutton) is the story of three lives, all shaken by cancer and dependent upon the one vital bone marrow match that could save them. These individuals are similar only in their fate and prolific accomplishments: Michael Brecker, 15-time Grammy winner, one of the greatest tenor saxophonists of all time; James Chippendale, entertainment executive and founder of The Love Hope Strength foundation, the largest music centric cancer charity in the world and Seun Adebiyi, a young Nigerian training to become the first ever Nigerian winter Olympic athlete in any sport.


The Black Tulip

When Taliban authorities deny the turning over of Osama Bin Laden post 911, U.S. Forces rout their leadership from Kabul and free its Afghan citizens from the brutal grip of spiritual henchman Mullah Mohammed Omar and that of his dark-age Sharia led leadership. Seizing upon this new and volatile window of freedom, matriarch Farishta Mansouri along with her husband Hadar normalize their family's efforts by turning her deceased father's Soviet destroyed bookstore into a restaurant.



Facing The Storm: The Story Of The American Bison
Connecticut Premiere

FACING THE STORM is the epic account of our tempestuous relationship with the iconic symbol of wild America, The American bison who once dominated the plains of North America, numbering in the tens of millions.

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CTFF returns to the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center this June 28 - July 1. Last year around the same time a variety of films headlined at the second Old Saybrook Connecticut film Festival weekend that would make old Kate proud! Documentaries with strong social messages to short films that tickled your funny bone graced the screen of this beautiful venue. More than 75 films will be highlighted at this year’s event including World and Connecticut Premieres! Don’t miss this years films, workshops and parties when the curtain goes up on Thursday, June 28th. See you at the show!