“Home Of The Brave: When Southbury Said NO To The Nazis”

With Short Film 15-40

In the 1930's, The German American Bund was building training camps across the US. The Bund was tied with the Nazi party in Germany and organized and aligned itself with Nazi beliefs and goals. The camps were quietly being built in rural sections in the US with little resistance from the towns they were established in. In 1937, the Bund planned to build the largest camp in the US in Southbury, CT. This film tells the little known story of how town patriots came to recognize the evil the group represented and quickly took action against the camp. It was 1937, two years before The Nazis declared war on the US and many years before the horrors of the Holocaust would come to be.

Screening With Short Film “15-40”

Shortly before his execution in Israel, Adolf Eichmann would write a two-part memoir featured in Time Magazine, complaining that Denmark's successful evacuation of Jews and organized resistance in World War II posed the greatest difficulties of all for the Nazi regime.

 15-40 is the true story of Danish tennis player, Kai Hansen who, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, has to make the decision of his life.

An unflinching competitor, Kai Hansen is well on his way to winning a spot at the European championships in Sweden. Under a comfortable Nazi occupation, Kai's world is limited to the court and to the many luxuries that his status affords him. In order for him to realize his dream of participating in the European Championships in Sweden, he has to defeat aging tennis great, Erik Bjarnson. But, when it is discovered that Erik might in fact be a Jew, and that a massive deportation of Danish Jews is planned by the Nazis, Kai has to decide whether to risk it all or for his countrymen or remain veiled in a life of pride and privilege.


09.26.13 - 2:30 pm
1 hour 2 minutes
Bethel Public Library – Community Room