"Privacy" Suspense & Intrigue!

A Modern Spin On Hitchcock & Polanski

Human interaction and communication have come a ways since Paul Revere’s midnight-ride and a call on the “Don Ameche”. We now have, Virtual Worlds, VOIP, Facetime, Chat, TEXT, Facebook, Tweet, MySpace… Yourspace…. and now a “Privacy App”?

In the movie “Privacy”, tech savvy college student; Mark and his friend Toby are determined to invent and launch the next Microsoft. Mark has taken Social Media (or possibly anti-social) to a whole new meaning with his new cutting edge spyware mobile device application, aptly named “Privacy App”. The app gives new meaning to the word “voyeur”, allowing Mark to remotely view the world from any cell phone in New York City. As he begins to invade the 'privacy' of hundreds of New Yorkers remotely from his apartment via the 'Privacy App', he lays eyes on a beautiful but, mysterious girl.

Mark begins to follow her around NYC as she appears to be looking for something or someone. Appearing to be stalked by a shadowy figure, Mark is drawn into her world and makes contact through his best friend when she is in need of an apartment. Mark becomes smitten for his new friend Alexis when she moves into a vacant apartment upstairs in his building. Right when things begin to heat up, the romance quickly disintegrates when Alexis' dark past catches up with her, entangling Mark and Toby in a web of murder, political intrigue and privacy invasion. 

09.26.13 - 5:45 pm
1 hour 45 minutes
Bethel Public Library – Community Room